Unlikely Heroes

          We all love heroes and the way they rescue the weak and give hope to the disheartened. God, who is the ultimate hero, sent Jesus to rescue the weak and gave us the Holy Spirit to empower the disheartened. God loves the church. He makes the weak strong and encourages the disheartened. He takes ordinary people who have extraordinary faith and makes them heroes.

          In Hebrews 11, God gives us examples of normal people who changed their worlds because of their extraordinary faith. God took a group of unlikely heroes, people with faith who were just like you and me and used the normal everyday folks who were filled with faith to make a Kingdom impact.

           I hope you can join us for our Hebrews 11 study as God continues to make the unlikely, heroes.


If you are unable to join us in-person, you can worship with us online or get the podcast.  We also provide a WEEKLY WALK which is a set of follow up questions to help groups or individuals wrestle with the sermon and apply God’s truths to their lives.  Please email Brenden at brendenharder@gmail.com to be added to the Weekly Walk.



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