Passing the Baton:

Second Timothy

      You are on your knees, gasping for air and gazing at the baton lying lifeless on the track. You stare in disbelief hoping it is a bad dream. Years of practice and dreams of a gold medal vanish like smoke from a fire. Everything you trained for is meaningless because you didn’t pass the baton well. Handing off a baton is easy, its simple… isn’t it?

      The Apostle Paul is in a Roman dungeon. The Gospel was important to Paul because it changed his life. The Apostle had just spent over 7,000 miles planting churches, watching the Gospel transform lives. Pastor Timothy had spent years with the aging apostle. Paul writes his dear friend during the waning days of his life. He reminds Timothy in 2 Timothy of the Gospel’s importance and to hand it off to people who will hand the baton off to others.

      We hope you can join us for the 2 Timothy study. You will be reminded of the important and encouraged to pass on God’s life-changing Gospel to faithful followers of Jesus, who, in turn, do the same.

      If you are unable to join us in-person, you can worship with us online or get the podcast.  We also provide a WEEKLY WALK which is a set of follow up questions to help groups or individuals wrestle with the sermon and apply God’s truths to their lives.  Please email Brenden at brendenharder@gmail.com to be added to the Weekly Walk.



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